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Due to extreme work overload at this end (see any number of articles on the contemporary neoliberal university!) I have got behind with my updates to Foucault News. To those of you who have sent me news recently, please rest assured that it will be appearing here soon!


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Editor: To provide extra material for my Master of Education coursework students, I will be posting up quite a bit of material in the education area over the next month. These posts will be scheduled at a different time of day from other posts. The Foucault and education posts will all be tagged in the education category on the blog.

As always, please send on any Foucault related news from any arena for posting on Foucault News.

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Posts will be intermittent through the month of January. I will still post up any news that is sent on to me directly.

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Note from the editor

I will be taking a break from Foucault News for about a month while I attend the Foucault @ 90 conference in Scotland and take a short holiday. Posts will be sporadic until mid to late July.

You might be interested to know that the volume of Foucault related activity is always increasing and that there is considerably more material now than when I initially started this blog in September 2010. I currently already have quite a large backlog of material ready to post when I return.

Please don’t hesitate to send news on to me in the meantime. I will post it up as I can. Could I also take the opportunity to ask you to send me messages to my email address rather than via Facebook as I tend not to check Facebook as often.

Clare O’Farrell

This is a Google ngram which even if it only measures up to 2008, demonstrates the rate of citation of Foucault’s work against a number of other thinkers who are popular in the discipline of education.


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Note from Editor: I often come across interesting material on Foucault that has been around for some time, that either predates this blog or that I have missed.

I have decided, therefore, to start a new category on Foucault News for these items. Postings of this material will be occasional, clearly labelled ‘Archive’ and will be posted at a different time of day from my normal news posts.

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Given the ongoing popularity of this concept, I have added a new category on neoliberalism to Foucault News.

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Google reader, which is an rss reader or news aggregator, is one of the principal ways I gather news for Foucault News. A few days ago, Google announced that it was going to axe this software in July with vague excuses that it was no longer being used as much. This may be partially to do with the fact that google killed reader’s social media sharing capacities a while ago to bolster up their facebook competitor google+. This interesting article in Forbes by Alex Kantrowitz also makes the pertinent point:

The death of Google Reader reveals a problem of the modern Internet that many of us likely have in the back of our heads but are afraid to let surface: We are all participants in a user driven Internet, but we are still just the users, nothing more. No matter how much work we put in to optimize our online presences, our tools and our experiences, we are still at the mercy of big companies controlling the platforms we operate on. When they don’t like what’s happening, even if we do, they can make whatever call they want. And Wednesday night, Google made theirs.

There is an online petition to keep google reader running at change.org which I would encourage people to sign, even if ultimately this may be a futile gesture. The reality is that I am probably going to have to trawl through a number of software platforms in the hope of finding something that performs the same rss function as efficiently as google reader.

Nonetheless here is the text which I attached to my signature at change.org:

I run a very active academic news blog and need access in a fast and efficient format to keep up-to-date with multiple news sources, which include a wide variety of blogs, scholarly data bases, google alerts and other news feeds. Facebook, twitter and similar social networks, for all the carefully marketed myths that they have superseded rss readers as news platforms, are simply not up to the mark in terms of ease and efficiency of use and comprehensive coverage for high volume news consumers. I migrated to google reader after the demise of bloglines and am not looking forward to having to go through this whole process again.

Later… I have just come across (thanks Emma) a brilliant video on youtube which sums it up rather well – the latest contribution to the internet meme of resubtitling a section from the film Downfall: This one is titled ‘Hitler finds out that Google Reader is closing down’

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