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With all best wishes for the festive season from Foucault News!


Poster and other items for sale on the Keep-Calm-O-Matic site


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This Teen Has An Inspiring Message For His Bully, Then Gets Totally Owned By The Bully’s Surprisingly Convincing Rebuttal

In a spoof of a re-enactment style instruction video about bullying, the bully unexpectedly launches into a discourse on Foucault and power.

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Michelle Foucault: Full House child star by day, French philosopher by night

tumblr blog created by artist Buzz Slutzky.

A sample…

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This strip was created by David and appears on his blog Hugging the Horse

With thanks to Dirk Felleman for this item and also to Philippe Theophanidis for alerting me to the original source

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