Michel Foucault prayer candle (2017)

[Editor: This is probably one of the most out there pieces of merchandise on Foucault I have come across to date. If the pop up notifications of sales of other celebrity candles is any indication this site is doing a roaring trade]

Michel Foucault Prayer Candle
This is the perfect addition to any Foucault fan’s life.
8″ x 2″ traditional prayer candle $US24

Fragrance Free

Kitschup Creations Celebrity Prayer candles and more …
Welcome to Kitschup Creations

We are a Kansas City based business that makes celebrity and pop culture prayer candles. We also love making custom candles for that saint in your life . We are small but mighty. Our designs are like no other. We take pride in our work and we will work with you to customize the best design for your candle . We truly believe the devil is in the details …

We are most definitely dreamers and artist that want to make people laugh and go “What the HELL? ” . We appreciate your support and hope our candles bring a smile to your face.

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Panopticon Pandemonium: bringing to life Bentham’s unrealised prison (2016)

Panopticon Pandemonium: bringing to life Bentham’s unrealised prison, UCL Bentham Project

You can download the Panopticon Pandemonium for PC from this site. A Mac version of the game is coming soon.

For around a decade of his life until 1803, the renowned English philosopher and reformer, Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) lobbied the British government to build a ‘panopticon’ prison of his design. Bentham had envisaged an ‘Inspection House’—a circular building with the prisoners’ cells arranged around the outer wall and an inspection tower at the centre, from which the prison inspector could look into the cells at any time, though the inmates would be unable to see the inspector. The prisoners would have to assume that they were being watched, and Bentham expected that they would thus modify their behaviour in a positive manner in order to avoid the additional punishment which would inevitably follow for breaching the prison’s discipline.

The failure of the panopticon scheme was a crushing blow and the greatest disappointment of Bentham’s life. No prison which adhered to Bentham’s design has ever been built, and Panopticon Pandemonium sees the construction—virtually—of a working panopticon for the first time. The player, assisted by Bentham himself, acts as governor of the prison and has to balance economies of the social benefits of Bentham’s vision—happiness, rehabilitation, work—against the functions of discipline, punishment, and surveillance, while also ensuring that their panopticon is orderly and profitable. These conflicting functions, rooted in Bentham’s writings, are realised as game mechanics with the player managing economies of work and nutrition, the recruitment and deployment of staff, and reforming prisoners. Panopticon Pandemonium brings to life the complexities and ambiguities of Bentham’s prison scheme.

Based in large part on Bentham’s published works, and unpublished manuscripts being explored by volunteers for UCL’s award-winning Transcribe Bentham initiative, Panopticon Pandemonium will provide players with fresh insights into one of the most controversial aspects of Bentham’s thought.

This news sourced from Watching Jeremy, Watching Me, Watching Jeremy and dmf

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Which philosopher are you quiz?

One of those ubiquitous internet quizzes that circulate. This one’s on BuzzFeed: Which philosopher are you?

To tell the truth, I was surprised that I actually got Michel Foucault in response to the somewhat left field questions  – but years of exposure to his work is bound to rub off somehow!

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