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Meet Brujas, NYC’s Newest Streetwear Skateboarding Collective With a Feminist Mission, 9/25/2017 by Brett Berk, Billboard

Brujas is a diverse and radical feminist youth skateboarding collective from New York’s Bronx and Lower East Side. It was founded three years ago by a group of young women to reclaim space from the white/male dominated skater culture that slighted them. (The name means Witches, in Spanish.) But at heart, the Brujas mission has always been empowerment, education, and community outreach.

“We’re trying to integrate a lot of different elements in the Brujas project,” says Ariana Gil, a musician and recent graduate of Oberlin College and one of the group’s founders. “We’re intellectuals, we love critical theory. We’re fashion-heads, we love streetwear. And then, you know, we’re also trying to build a participatory community model.”


“If you look at the logo on the shirts, there is a school burning on the top of it,” says Robin Giordani, a recent Cooper Union graduate and the group’s lead designer. “And underneath, there’s these two hands and the ‘Each One Teach One’ on the bottom. It’s about this exchange of knowledge through this very classic gesture, like a pound or a dap that you might give somebody in the street or passing by. That we can do the same thing with education and be able to take what we have and our own knowledge, and share it and have that come back two-fold.”

If it sounds heady, that’s because it very intentionally is. “We’re very influenced by the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who, in his text Discipline and Punish, draws connections between prison, the school, and the hospital,” says Gil. “So, just moving down the Foucauldian line is how we’ve been talking about it.”


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Editor: What do Foucault and the Duchess of Cambridge have in common? The polo neck skivvy!

The affordable staple that has become the Duchess of Cambridge’s secret wardrobe weapon, The Telegraph, 23 February 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge is now, we can all agree, a pro in the royal dressing stakes. For her increasingly regular royal engagements, she strikes a careful balance between introducing new pieces, whether by designers she’s never worn before or old faithfuls like Alexander McQueen or L.K Bennett, and reviving favourite looks from past appearances. This means that she has become both famously ‘thrifty’ but also noted for her glamour and support of British design names. […]

But it’s the Duchess’s black polo neck jumper which she layered underneath the nipped-waist jacket that was today’s most noteworthy outfit addition. It marks the third time this year alone that Kate has worn this staple piece for a public engagement. […]

For such a useful and seemingly simple piece, the polo neck has a rather illustrious history. Its beginnings were humble, being used mostly as a practical cover-up. But during the 20th century it became a favourite of the intellectual elite. The French philosopher Michel Foucault was renowned for his love of a white jersey version.

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If you really must…

This is what it says on the Redbubble site: “High quality Foucault related T-Shirts & Hoodies by independent artists and designers from around the world – also available as Stickers and Kids Clothes. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.”

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Several items for sale here – framed prints, t-shirts, baby clothes, prints, tank tops, hoodies…

Oh No! A Shirt About A Game About Foucault by Kunzelman

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By Clémentine Mélois

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