Foucault – links to difficult-to-find short texts, and some requests for help

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I’ve previously posted some requests for help in locating some difficult-to-find short texts by Foucault, and thanks to readers of this site have received copies of some of these. I’ve updated the requests for help page, along with a few more requests.

I’ve also updated the list of links to pieces I’ve been able to locate – these are basically short pieces which are not in Dits et écrits or major collections of his work in English. Additions to that last list very welcome – though this list, as stated there, does not aim to replicate Richard Lynch’s important work on English translations of pieces in Dits et écrits.

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Colin Gordon on

Colin Gordon has recently set up a profile on and is gradually uploading his collected works to this site. There are currently 20 items on this site with more to come. Most of these works are on Foucault. Some of the uploaded items include material which was not included in the published versions. For example:

Introduction (uncut version) to Michel Foucault, The Essential Works 3: Power, ed. James D Faubion. New Press, 2000

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Foucault’s Collaborative Projects – a bibliography with notes

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Collaborative projects

Some of Foucault’s collaborative projects are well-known – the I, Pierre Rivière collection; the Herculine Barbin memoir; Le désordre des familles with Arlette Farge; and the posthumous Technologies of the Self volume from the seminar at the University of Vermont.

On a dedicated page on this site I have listed the bibliographic details of other collaborative projects Foucault was involved with – either as contributor, research team leader or enabler. Comments, corrections or additions welcome.

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Bibliography of work on Foucault and education

I have just finished (more or less) compiling a list of English language works on Foucault and education for my M.Ed (Master of Education) students. I thought this might also be of use to others so I have set up a permanent page for it here at Foucault News.

Large as it is, the bibliography is by no means comprehensive, and you are invited to post any missing items, corrections or other additions in the comments section on the page for the bibliography for inclusion in the main document. As such, the bibliography will remain a work in progress.

With thanks to Megan Kimber for assistance in finding many of the journal articles.

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