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Silverman, D.L.
Boundaries: Bourgeois Belgium and “tentacular” modernism
(2017) Modern Intellectual History, pp. 1-24. Article in Press.

DOI: 10.1017/S1479244317000245

The sweep, originality, and plenitude of Jerrold Seigel’s work have transformed our field. His prolific and creative scholarship encompasses the history of ideas, the history of cultural forms, and the history of intellectuals, areas typically examined separately as coherent and discrete sections of intellectual history. I have been reading Seigel for many years now, assigned his texts in my classes, and watched students come alive as they encounter his Marx, his Bohemia, his Baudelaire, his Foucault, his Simmel. My own research and writing have been deeply influenced by key ideas generated in Seigel’s body of work, testing and contesting, for example, his project of historicizing subjectivity and identity in modern Europe. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2017


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