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Update on the 13/13 series of seminars from the website

The first seminar will take place  on September 14, 2015.

Thank you very much for your interest in the series Foucault 13/13. The seminar has received an overwhelmingly good response, and we have more applications than available seats. Please accept our apologies. The application process is now officially closed.

However, we will be live streaming the seminars and also arranging to have an overflow room where you could watch the ongoing seminars by audio-visual projection. We are doing everything possible to make this seminar conversation accessible nonetheless.

First, we will be streaming the seminar live on the multimedia page of the new website of the Foucault 13/13 series here: Multimedia.

Second, we will also have an overflow room if you would like to watch the live stream with others in the overflow room while the seminar is going on, and we will try to promote discussion in the overflow room with the help of our teaching assistants.  The overflow room will be located at the Columbia Law School, 435 West 116th Street, NY, and the exact room location will be posted on the blog page of the new website for Foucault 13/13.  The location for the first seminar on September 14, 2015, will be Room 105 at the Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall.

Third, we will also be blogging on issues related to the seminar on the blog page of the new website for Foucault 13/13, and archiving prior recordings of the seminars. Our blog will be open and moderated for comments and you can find it here: Please do join us in that conversation as well.

We do hope that this will make it possible for you to follow the seminar series closely, even though you will not be able to be in the seminar room in person.  Again, we will do everything possible to make this seminar series accessible to you in overflow and virtually.

Thank you again for your interest.

Please do follow any news and developments regarding the Foucault 13/13 series either on the new website at Microsite or on our FB and/or Twitter pages.

Warm regards,

Bernard E. Harcourt and Jesus R. Velasco

– See more at:

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