I have created a Foucault News page on Facebook for those of you who may be interested in connecting to this blog through the Facebook network. The link can be found at http://www.facebook.com/FoucaultNews and is in the right hand side column of this blog.



    1. In this case, the way I see it, people who use facebook can ‘like’ the page and then it functions as a type of rss feed into their home facebook pages. The format and software used by fb produces very constrictive effects in terms of the way people constitute their online selves in the fb context at least. There has been quite a lot of work on the identity formation aspects of fb – but in my view these are more constraining than productive. On the other hand, fb can function well – if used carefully – as a form of news service, particularly in terms of family and friends (although of course it has been famously used by political activist networks), and perhaps that’s how it needs to be seen in terms of its real value.

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