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Foucault Across the Disciplines
Guest editor: Colin Koopman
History of the Human Sciences , October 2011; 24 (4)

Link to abstracts and pdfs

Table of Contents

Colin Koopman
Foucault across the disciplines: introductory notes on contingency in critical inquiry

Ian Hacking

Arnold I. Davidson
In praise of counter-conduct

Amy Allen
Foucault and the politics of our selves

James Ferguson
Toward a left art of government: from ‘Foucauldian critique’ to Foucauldian politics

Hans Sluga
‘Could you define the sense you give the word “political”’? Michel Foucault as a political philosopher

Mark Bevir
Political science after Foucault

Mark Franko
Archaeological choreographic practices: Foucault and Forsythe

Catherine M. Soussloff
Foucault on painting


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