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Promised End, an opera by Alexander Goehr is at the Linbury Studio Theatre at the Royal Opera House, London, on 9, 11, 14 and 16 October (box office: 020-7304 4000), then tours until 26 November.
Details: englishtouringopera.org.uk

At 78, Alexander “Sandy” Goehr is one of the linchpins of the British musical establishment. He was professor of music at Cambridge University for nearly a quarter of a century…

Goehr worked with Frank Kermode who wrote a libretto for the opera.

Working with Kermode gave Goehr the licence to focus on the aspects of Lear that most interested him, especially the journey Gloucester and Lear undertake. “Being politically radical, I have great scorn for who they are in the early part of the play. They are pompous fools, who are vain and mistaken in what they do. Frank and I were influenced by Foucault’s idea of insanity when we were working on the text, the notion that through madness you obtain a kind of wisdom. The whole trajectory of Promised End leads to the scene between Lear and Gloucester, when one is mad and the other has no eyes. Through their misfortunes, they learn something about humanity, about modesty.”


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