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Social Identities. Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture , Volume 16 Issue 5 2010
Special issue: Foucault 25 years on

See the journal site for abstracts and pdfs of articles


For cutting: an introduction to Foucault, 25 years on
Ian Goodwin-Smith

Resisting Foucault: the necessity of appropriation
Ian Goodwin-Smith

Post-structuralism’s colonial roots: Michel Foucault
Pal Ahluwalia

The huntsman’s funeral: targeting the sensorium
Ryan Bishop

The post-panoptic society? Reassessing Foucault in surveillance studies
Gilbert Caluya

The paradoxical after-life of colonial governmentality
Michael Dutton

What is an anti-humanist human right?
Ben Golder

Liberalism: rationality of government and vision of history
Barry Hindess

The author, agency and suicide
Katrina Jaworski

A (con)fusion of discourses? Against the governancing of Foucault
Jim Jose


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