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Call for chapter proposals. See here for full details

The Host Gaze

We are pleased to announce a Call for Chapter Proposals for the book which will present new and emerging directions in research in the area of host gaze. Theoretical and practical research contributions are welcomed.

We invite submissions that will cover many aspects of the host gaze: How is the host gaze constructed and reinforced? How has it changed and developed? How does the host gaze vary? What are its consequences for the tourists who are its object? What are the aspects of the host gaze which distinguish it from the tourist gaze and from conventionally gaze encountered in everyday life? What determines the host gaze? Are there any pre-existing cultural images of the host gaze? How do hosts gaze upon or view different tourists? How different nations construct their host gazes? What are the differences in the host gaze across regions and nations? Which host gazes are the most/least authentic? What are the socio-cultural and economic aspects of the host gazes? What are the elements of the host gaze in the changing global economy of the tourism industry? How do the tourism development and its particular industries/sectors influence the host gaze?

Since international tourism requires diverse cultures to understand and appreciate each other the proposed book aims at offering a deeper understanding of the host gaze in building an image of tourists, promoting cultural relations, international cooperation and economic sustainability. Especially, the book aims at contributing to understanding cultural differences across nations and the impact of tourist behavior on the host gaze and the host behavior on developing an image of a tourist.

The editors of the proposed book welcome chapter proposals that focus on Western and non-Western host gazes (Western host gaze upon Western tourists, Western host gaze upon non-Western tourists, non-Western host gaze upon Western tourists, and non-Western host gaze upon non-Western tourists).

Expressions of interest and abstracts of up to 500 words should be sent to Omar Moufakkir (omar.moufakkir@stenden.com). All submissions will be reviewed and should include author(s) names, affiliations and contact details.

Abstract submission: No later than October 15, 2011
Notification of acceptance: October 30, 2011


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