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Foucault News editorial comment: I was interested by the opening sentence of this piece in The Guardian and my thought was that Foucault actually should be brought precisely into these kind of arenas. I have observed that practitioners can really benefit from engaging with Foucault’s ideas and have their ideas about their professional practice considerably broadened. If nothing else, coming to grips with his ideas gives people’s brains a good workout in this era of obsession with brain training. Certainly more productive than endless sudoku in my view!

Stephen Hoare, City Unrulyversity: a pop-up education, theguardian.com, Tuesday 12 November 2013

Anyone expecting rows of eager postgrads critiquing philosopher Michel Foucault will think they have landed on Mars. City Unrulyversity is a new concept in higher education outreach, described as a “pop-up” and based at the Brick Lane offices of digital media company Unruly. Here, no one takes an attendance register and there are no assignments.

“It’s very informal. We pull together couches and bean bags, and you get a beer and crisps,” says Caroline Wiertz, co-founder of City Unrulyversity and reader in marketing at Cass Business School.

Launched at the start of 2013 with a mission to inform, inspire and empower the next generation of Tech City entrepreneurs, City Unrulyversity offers a programme of free, early-evening lectures.

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Announcing a new project.

From the new ‘Between Foucault and Deleuze’ website.

The aim of the “Between Deleuze and Foucault” project is to establish an on-going collaborative and synergistic relationship between Purdue University and the Université de Paris VIII–Vincennes à St. Denis (University of Paris 8, Vincennes-St. Denis) in order to transcribe, translate, and make available online the seminars that the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave on Michel Foucault’s work at the University of Paris 8 during the years 1985-1986.

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The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) celebrated its relaunch at Kingston University by announcing its new partnership with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Paris 8.

The CRMEP is one of the very few philosophy centres which is focused on European philosophy in English language universities. Most of the staff were previously employed at Middlesex University which controversially closed the Centre down in April 2010.

Also of note here is that Foucault was a founding professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes for a year in 1969-70.

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