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360 Foucault, 2014
Andy Bennett
01:00 projected video loop
Dimensions vary with installation
*Preferred viewing: 1080p

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To Be King

To Be King - Christine Dixie

To Be King – Christine Dixie

To Be King

To Be King by Christine Dixie is an animated video installation informed by the first chapter in Michel Foucault’s book ‘The Order of Things’ (1966), entitled Las Meninas.

Opening Reception: 26th February 2015 from 6pm, Preview from 4pm with the artist

Exhibition: 26th February – 7th March 2015 (Sulger-Buel Lovell Cape Town)

Talk by James Sey: 28th February 11am (limited space available, please book, free of charge, RSVP to info@sulger-buel-lovell.com)


To be King is informed by the essay ‘Las Meninas’ which Michel Foucault published in 1966 as the first chapter to his book The Order of Things. Foucault in his description of the painting by Velàsquez suggests (amongst other things) that it is through language, the taxonomy of the day, that things are ordered. This order, particular yet tenuous, is dependent on who is in control of the gaze, who is ‘king’.

To be King situates itself as a destabilizing narrative in which the king is ‘dethroned’. Positioning characters and spaces from the periphery in the place from which the dominant gaze originates points to the possibility of a different order of things and highlights the fragility of the established and dominant order.

The sculptural component, the Black Infanta embodies everything the Spanish King, Philip IV is not. Her pose imitates that of the seventeenth century portrait paintings of royal children. She is placed on an enlarged headrest, an object associated with sleeping, dreaming and the unconscious and holds instead of a sceptre, orb or sword, a stick made of Port Jackson willow.

The Black Infanta’s placement in front of the ‘painting’ places her in the role reserved for the king for whom Las Meninas was originally made and who also stands outside the frame of the painting. Completing the circuit of gazes is the museum guard who role is witness to the viewer looking at the ‘painting’. In addition she functions as an ironic indicator of status, an embodiment of the value placed by the cultural centre on a ‘masterpiece’.

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Work by A. Henderson for Palgrave Macmillan


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With all best wishes for the festive season from Foucault News!


Poster and other items for sale on the Keep-Calm-O-Matic site

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The limit experience blog has posted a collection of what they consider to be bad cover photos of books on Foucault. You may wish to differ or add your own examples!

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Mauricio (see comments) explains that this is one of a series of buildings named after philosophers. So there are also a Nietzsche building and a Durkheim building.
With thanks to Dyogo Leão for this news.

Edifício Michel Foucault

Further info


01 – Introdução

• Como todo imóvel Ágata, o padrão de acabamento do Edifício Michel Focault é de primeira linha, sendo totalmente revestido com cerâmica. Cada unidade terá direito a 02 (duas) vagas na garagem, e as coberturas, a 03 (três) vagas, sendo todas previamente demarcadas e numeradas. Todo o piso externo e descoberto dos terraços (coberturas, áreas privativas, acesso ao edifício e lazer), será em cerâmica; o da garagem, em concreto “nível zero”; e o da caixa de escadas, em cimento liso, com cantoneiras em alumínio anodizado ou em pedra ardósia. As pingadeiras dos muros/jardineiras e os peitoris das janelas/guarda-corpos serão em mármore polido. O edifício contará com sistema de interfone, proteção contra descargas atmosféricas (pára-raios), prevenção/combate a incêndio, tubulação para tv a cabo ou outras, previsão para medição individualizada do gás de cozinha, 01 elevador, além de se encontrar em ótima localização, o que proporcionará maior conforto e comodidade a você e sua família.

02 – Localização:

• Rua Chapecó, 610 – Prado – Belo Horizonte- MG- CEP: 30410-070

03 – Número de pavimentos

• Total: 13 pavimentos, sendo:

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Michelle Foucault: Full House child star by day, French philosopher by night

tumblr blog created by artist Buzz Slutzky.

A sample…

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